Product Review and January Posting Recap.

When I started blogging again in January, I mentioned some future topics that I would be discussing during the month. Here is a recap:

- How to gently cleanse DONE
- How to get more sleep DONE
- The TCM Lung (the last TCM organ to discuss) DONE
- A recap of some of my delicious meals over the holidays (my family members have really developed a skill for a healthy, yummy cooking!) DONE
- A review of some interesting new products available at all major grocery stores that I think you should try
- An introduction to my new courses: Pharmacology (think drugs), Clinical Nutrition (think diet), and Manipulation (think chiropractic medicine) DONE

Not too shabby! I achieved all of my January blogging post goals ...other than the highlighted review, which I will be discussing today.

Product Review: I am going to review several of Bob's Red Mill products (from their line of gluten free products) that I tried over the holidays. With more and more people identifying gluten/wheat sensitivities and/or intolerances, these products can be lifesavers. Their are easy to find (available at all major grocery stores), contain wholesome ingredients (not a lot (if any) synthetic or funky ingredients; relatively whole foods-based), easy to make (even people who don't cook can make these; just add one or two ingredients and you're done), and taste good (good gluten-free options do exist!). Below are three products I have enjoyed:

- Delicious straight out of the oven, slathered with Earth Balance. Just add milk (I used water), oil, and an egg. It is also awesome sliced thinly, toasted, and spread with nut butter.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - My Mom made these for me. Tastes just like a 'regular' chocolate chip cookie. Mostly made of chickpea flour, so provides some protein. Not only gluten-free, but dairy-free and (optionally) egg-free too.

Pizza Crust - So happy with this product! It makes a lovely, doughy, white pizza crust. Lovers of thin-crust pizza will likely hate this product, however. It was thick, but I found that this gave it a great chew.

One final reason why these products are good: They get people into the kitchen. Connecting people to their plate. These products are definitely novice-cook friendly. In just a few minutes you'll have yummy 'homemade' goodies. Who knows: maybe these packaged goods will spark a full-fledged baking obsession!

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  1. Yea Bob's - Bob's is the gluten free "all purpose flour" I prefer.



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