Suppliers Show 2012.

Today at CCNM was the Supplier Show. The Supplier Show consists of all sorts of supplement companies coming to the school, setting up a booth, giving out free samples, and trying to convince the poor, innocent students that their particular product rules. Students get excited about the show (which happens once a year) because they get lots of free goodies and the supplement companies are excited because they get to recruit a ton of potential clients. A win-win situation for all.

What I learned from today's show:

- People love free stuff. Me included! I was excited for the show to try out some products that I wouldn't normally buy but am curious about. With that said, I didn't go crazy like most of the students. There was a lot of free crap being given out and I didn't take it or hoard like a mad-woman. I kind of hate free stuff... it seems to bring out our innate animal tendencies, making us a bit vicious and aggressive while we hoard the free goodies. Yuck.

- Supplement companies are trained to say what they say; they don't always understand what they are saying. The people manning the booths are not the chemists formulating the products, they are rehearsed company reps. With that said, they may say things that make no sense whatsoever... not their fault per-say, they may not know that they are repeating mistakes.

- Everyone's product is the best. I get it, I really do. When you put so much effort creating an product, you think the resulting product is awesome. It would not be a good feeling to work for a supplement company with junk products. The company reps I met today are really, really passionate about their own products and they talk about them with pride. Unfortunately, they can't all really be the best, so it is up to me to listen to their promotions, read their ingredient lists, and use my future naturopathic doctor-judgement to properly evaluate the products.

Highlight of the show for me: Finding a Canadian, organic herbal tincture company. Can't way to support this Quebecois company in the future.


  1. Sounds like fun - was the co. from Dartmouth there?


  2. Was vince shlomi there with his natural organic slap chop? ;)

  3. Dartmouth was there... but no slap chop guy :P


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