TCM Organs: the Lung.

I'll conclude the discussion of TCM organs with this adorable picture. 'Tis true: hugs really do keep us alive :)

The last major TCM organ: the lung, the organ that...

...governs mucous secretion
...expresses sadness and grief
...causes us to enjoy pungent flavors
...makes us cry when it is weak
...controls smell
...regulates respiration (obviously)
...regulates Qi (our energy)
...descends and disperses our energy throughout the body
...controls skin, pores, and body hair
...controls our initial immune system defense mechanisms
...houses our "soul"

Image source here.


  1. Houses the soul? Fascinating...

    The Sanskrit word 'Spira' pops up all over the place in English, and many other languages.

    It can mean 'breath', and thus influenced the word 'respire'. You may also recognise it in 'conspire', which literally means, "breathing together".

    On another tangent, though, Spira is also the root of 'Spirit', coming from an idea of one's life-force being embodied in one's breathing.

    I wonder if the dual meaning of the ancient word is connected to the TCM idea of the lungs housing the soul. At the least, the possibility inspires me (There it is again! Inspire: To breath new life).

  2. Thank you for pointing out the connection between the root word (spire/spira). Very fascinating and no doubt there must be a connection.


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