I got 100% on my Acupuncture exam. Hooray! I am pretty happy with this result, especially since Acupuncture exams are always my most terrifying exams.

Now, I really don't mean to sound complain-y (especially since I just did so well on an Acupuncture exam!) but I do have some nit-picky problems with Acupuncture exams that I for some reason feel like addressing, so here goes:

1) Never Needle Under Pressure. I don't like these exams because I'll never have to do this in the 'real' world. Needle a patient under pressure, while the clock is ticking? Nope, not in my office. They don't accurately reflect the true skill of the practitioner because he or she is rushing and not taking the time to listen to/watch the patient's body as he or she inserts the needles.

2) Luck of the Draw.
These exams have a lot to do with luck. You could pull points with easy-to-remember anatomy and easy-to-find locations, or you could pull ST 11 which has over 5 different contraindications. Same goes for Actions (Mind or Menses' points? No problem!)

3) Silly Actions.
Why-oh-why do I need to memorize all those Actions? I am simply coming up with strange (yep, you can ask Tony!) memory techniques to remember sets of three numbers that do a particular action. But I am not really connecting the points to the action, I'm just memorizing numbers. And it is a drag.

4) Which TAs? All of the TAs are good, but some are truly sweet hearts and do everything they can to help you through the exam. My examiner today was such a gem, giving me a "pep talk" right before the exam started, and complimenting me on my performance. Past TAs have been almost emotionless, providing no positive feedback which makes you leave the exam doubting your skills.

And with that, my fifth acupuncture exam is over ...and I've already forgotten all those silly actions. Good Stagnation points? I've got no clue :P

Brain Shift

I had two exams today, and two tomorrow. Which means that over the course of today (Thursday) I had to study four different subjects. Lots of focus-shifting required! Ah, the beauty of a wholistic program ;)


  1. congrats nonetheless!!! I'd let you need me any day; you're going to be a great ND!

  2. We are so proud of our AMY .You excel in everthing you do..Its called commitment right....Today finished the exams....Have a nice weekend....XO XO.

  3. 100% - congrats sunshine !!!! Dad & I are very proud of you, not only with this exam but how you are handling med school and all of your other tasks on top of that.

    Recently as you know I had accupuncture treatment from my great,sweet ND, but I only wish My baby could needle me - darn those medical rules :(

    Luv to you, Mom

  4. Sending thanks and love your way... xoxo

    I trust your ND to do a good job. Even if I can't needle you, at least you have her!


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