Sans Cafe.

I don't drink coffee. In my entire life, I think I have only had three real (meaning caffeinated) coffees (one time was in France just to say I had a cafe-au-lait). I don't drink coffee because I don't need it. Some sleep and perhaps green tea are the only things I need to keep me awake and perky (those things, and fortunately I am a morning person). But the weird thing is, I love coffee.

As an outsider looking in, I romanticize coffee probably too much. The aroma, color, and flavor tantalize me. The idea of waking up to a brewing pot of the good stuff sounds (ironically) dreamy. Coffee shops/cafes are adorable and I love them so, even though I rarely frequent them.

Don't get me wrong, I love my coffee independence. It is a drug, you know, and it can be quite the expensive indulgence. But on those rare occasions that I do purchase a decaf coffee (for the taste!), something inside me wishes I did it a bit more often. Something wishes that I knew those cute cups of Joe (to the right) a bit better. Maybe one day I'll become a coffee connoisseur, but for now, I'll start my day with a teacup in hand, and sans cafe. Image source here.


  1. Thanks for sharing the love of coffee yesterday and for the great (and much-needed) bday treat!
    - Talia

  2. Cute coffee images!!! Love them!!!

    Cafe du Monde - New Orleans - you and me - cafe au lait = maybe second time?

    A favourite experience for sure - soooo good :)


  3. Yep! That was one of the three times. Should have mentioned that experience on the blog. So good with a beignet.


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