5 Reasons Why Gyms are Good.

I really don't like gyms. They seem machinist and very unnatural too me. Why-oh-why do we have to slave away on a plastic machine, in an enclosed space, devoid of sunshine and fresh air, in order to get some movement into our day? Alas, gyms (and our lack of physical activity) are big topics that I will save for another day. Today I am actually going to talk about why gyms are good, specifically for older people.

I think gyms are especially beneficial for people age 50+ because they are...

...supervised. Less worries about injuries or exerting oneself too much. There are staff present in case something goes wrong.
...guided. You can take a class with an instructor or hire a trainer. If you are new to exercise, they can show you how to use the equipment.
...motivating. Especially if you are signed up for a class or training session, you won't want to skip your exercise for the day because you are already registered.
...social. You can chat with the staff and other gym attendees. Group classes are great to meet people or get together with friends.
...indoors. It doesn't matter if it is raining outdoors because you will still able to get your daily exercise in the warm and dry environment of the gym. This is also great for older people to prevent hip fractures that may occur from exercising outdoors during bad weather.

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