Good Fats.

The Mediterranean Paradox is that people from the Mediterranean tend to eat high fat diets, but are generally thinner and healthier; living longer and suffering less from heart disease and obesity. This paradox shows how fat quality is more important than quantity. Healthy oils, such as olive oil & olives, nuts, seeds, fish oils, coconut (its milk, butter, oil, and 'meat'), and avocados, are all excellent for your health and should not be avoided because they are "fatty". Often when people try to lose weight, they first think about eliminating fat. The problem is that even though these people feel "fat", fat is not necessarily the problem. Some fats are worse than others, like animal fats (opt for leaner cuts of meat), fried foods, high fat milks, butter, and poorer quality vegetable oils (like canola, corn, sunflower, etc). However, eating a low fat or non-fat diet is not the answer. Some people will lose weight if they cut out fat (they are cutting out extra calories, so a weight loss will likely occur) but on the inside their bodies are suffering. Learn more from me about the benefits of fat here and here.

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