Beaches & Bravery.

BEACHES: It is March. And I have a sunburn. Well imagine that... I had the lovely opportunity to spend Wednesday afternoon with some classmates at the beach! It was my first time visiting "The Beaches" of Toronto. It was certainly a nature cure day. It felt so good to leave the dark and dreary classroom behind and embrace the salty air and the sun kissed skin.

BRAVERY: I performed a full acupuncture protocol on a classmate this week. I even did the treatment technically without supervision (shh, don't tell!) which made it all the more exciting. The classmate and I selected the points to needle together and I trusted my 2ish years of acupuncture training to determine the duration of treatment and the depth of needle insertion. My acupuncture confidence has been heightened to new levels now that I've had the opportunity to treat a 'patient'.

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