Sleepiness Scale.

How sleepy are you?

In my Clinical Medicine course we're learning about fatigue. An important differentiation to make when assessing tiredness is whether or not the tiredness is sleepiness or fatigue. In a nutshell, fatigue is not better with rest (i.e. even if you slept 12 hours, you would still wake up tired). To determine if a patient is just sleepy, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale can be used. This questionnaire lets you know your level of sleepiness. A score greater than 8 means you are very sleepy and need more sleep (FYI my score is 3; I'm definitely not a sleepy person!).

Feel free to take the test and let me know your score in the comments.
Are you like this kitty and can sleep anywhere? Image source here.

0 = Would never fall asleep
1 = Slight chance of falling asleep
2 = Moderate chance of falling asleep
3 = High chance of falling asleep

Watching TV?
Sitting in a public place (like movie theatre, airplane, meeting)?
Driving a car, when the car is stopped at a traffic light?
As a passenger in the car for at least an hour?
After lunch?
Lying down to rest?


  1. uh oh - I need more sleep ;)


  2. Eleven!
    No surprise therzzzzzzzzzzzz...

  3. Eleven is not surprising coming from the person who can (and likes to) sleep on the floor. :P


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