n- The root cause of cavities is actually a bacteria infection.
- The organism Streptococcus mutans is responsible.
- While eating, teeth become covered by proteins in the saliva (glycoproteins).
- Bacteria attach to these glycoproteins, eat them up for fuel, and subsequently reproduce/
n- Bacteria also make glucan from any sugar that may be lingering on the teeth after a meal.
- Glucan builds up and forms a filmy layer on the teeth (plaque).
n- Bacteria then colonize the plaque.
- Bacteria also use the sugar lingering on the teeth to form lactic acid. An acid that decalcifies (removes calcium from) the tooth.
n- Bacterial have protein-destroying enzymes (proteolytic enzymes) that breakdown enamel on the tooth.
- Thus a combination of all of these events leads to the development of cavities!
- Remember that sugar (aka carbohydrates) is found in nearly everything we eat, not just candy and pop. Even with a clean diet cavities can arise.
- Prevention wise, brush teeth regularly to remove those residual meal sugars from the teeth and to sterilize, keeping those bacteria at bay!
- Talk to your dentist about your teeth health if you further questions or concerns.
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  1. foods that contain carbohydrates and sugars are difficult to avoid. For a variety of everyday foods usually contain carbohydrates and sugars. The experts recommend preventive measures and prophylaxis, such as regular oral hygiene and dietary modifications to avoid cavities.great blog.


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