Spring Day.

On Friday, I had the most wonderful Snow Day... err, Spring Day! My Clinical Medicine professor gave us an independent study day, meaning a day that we didn't have to come to class! It was such a treat. Such a small gesture on the professor's part, but it meant so much to us burnt-out students.

Friday felt like I was a kid again and the radio just announced that it was a Snow Day, only that the weather was beautiful, so it was more like a Spring Day. Spring is just right around the corner, and while this Winter has been a calm one, I can't wait for sunshine and flowers!

I was able to sleep-in, leisurely eat breakfast while catching up on blog reading, pranced around in the gorgeous weather, went to both the library and market, and I finished the day in bed with a book. 'Twas a lovely day.

I want to point out that many working folk reserve their vacation days for times when they can get away, travel, and do something special. But sometimes the go-go-go nature of working then traveling/vacationing is too taxing on the body and the mind. Sometimes just taking a day--a Snow or Spring Day, if you will--to do nothing but relax and stay close to home can be more uplifting and fulfilling then any cruise, car trip, or concert could ever do.

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