Hello Busy, Hello March.

Welcome March!

This month is going to be a busy one. It kicked off with some good 'ol Irish pub time with classmates last night, then comes the CCNM Winter Formal (theme is Las Vegas and I'm on the planning committee), then I have a big volunteer meeting for a charity I work with, then I have to take four business classes (over the course of the month, I am finishing the HBBH course I started last year), then it is St. Patty's day (still contemplating my cooking for this holiday, for some reason only green guacamole comes to mind), there a couple of school events that I will be attending (Body Monologues and ND Cafe), some birthdays of importance, and then--on top of all this fun--comes a heck of a lot of work in preparation for OSCEs (aka the scariest exam ever that take place in April and summarize everything I've learned this school year). Image source here.

I am going to try my darnedest to stay on top of things this month and not let my studies slide, even with all these extra activities going on (otherwise I will pay dearly come April final exams!).

May the luck of the Irish be with me!

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  1. Well Hello March :) Too cute!

    Our thoughts must have linked as I picked you up something "kitty" yesterday.

    You'll do great in March, btw that good ole Irishness is part of your genes ;)

    xo Mom


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