- Rabies is caused the rabies virus.
- Animals house the virus. When an infected animal bites a human, they can transmit the virus.
- If you are bit by a potentially infected animal, immediately wash the wound.
- Prophylactically, doctors administer virus antibodies to the wound to help the body fight the initial infection.
- Rabies causes encephalitis (aka brain infection).
- Patients with rabies die from brain damage.
- After the initial bite, rabies symptoms won't occur for six months to a year because the virus has a long route to travel before it can reach the brain.
- The virus has to travel through the skin, then the muscle, then the peripheral nervous system, then the central nervous system, and then finally to the brain.
- Unique rabies symptoms: frothing at the mouth and refusing to drink water.

Aww, how could this cute little critter be a host for such an awful virus?

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  1. Ahhhhh that's baby Mitten, too cute, little black tipped tail and all. That's the size of him when he came home with us...plus he has a baby too :)

    Mitten only gives kisses - no viruses :)

    xoxo Mom


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