I Would Walk 500 Miles....

....and I would walk 500 more,
To be the man who walked 1,000 miles,
To fall down at your door.

Song lyrics here.

Now that the sun is up, I can't help myself but what to be outdoors, soaking up the glorious sun, going on long walks. Walking is by far my exercise of choice. It is leisurely, puts me outdoors, gets my heart beating, enjoy nature, and allows me to clear my mind. I'd a million times over prefer to go for a walk rather than sweat in a gym, play a sport, or even do yoga.

The point I want to make today is that in order to be motivated about doing exercise, that you need to find an activity that you really love. One that you enjoy and doesn't really feel like exercising. Too many people slave away at a gym because they think that gyms are key to physical fitness. Others take up running because it is very popular. But if these activities aren't for you, keep exploring different forms of physical fitness until one clicks. Now that it is warm out and the weather is good, take the time to try out new activities. Rollerblading? Jogging? Frisbee? Vollyball? Golf? Yoga on the lawn? It will be much easier to achieve fitness and weight goals if the form of physical activity chosen is a fun and lovable one.

Find a form of movement that suits your lifestyle, keeps you motivated, and makes you happy! So if it works for you, get out there, and walk 500 miles...

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