I've been thinking a lot about the weather lately, probably because it has rapidly changed in last couple of weeks. Today I'll touch on three weather-related thoughts that have been on my mind:

Thought #1: Community & Weather. What is the one topic that everyone can chit chat about? The one subject that strangers can converse freely about? The weather of course. The weather connects you to the members of your community. On that note, it's funny how good weather can make the community happy and full of life, while bad weather brings out the grump in us all.

Thought #2: Health Benefits. I would love to do a study on the amount of colds experienced by people living in the tropics versus those living in Northern Canada. I bet people living in climates with warm and bright weather suffer from fever colds and flus. When the weather is good and the sun is shiny, people just feel better. Is it the sun and its abundant supply of vitamin D that is causing the heightened mood and overall healthier state? Or are the happy feelings that are brought out by good weather making people healthier? Is the increased wellness due to physiological (body) benefits or psychological (mind) ones?

Thought #2: Panic. Here in Toronto at least, we went from Winter straight into Summer. I'm not kidding: the weather has been hovering in the 20s (degrees Celsius) for about a week now. On Wednesday, the temperature is predicted to be 26*C! People are sporting flip flops, shorts, and sundresses. Rightly so: it is hot out there! But am I the only one panicking? If we are sweating in March, I can't imagine what August is going to be like?! This is not Mother Nature being kind to us by offering up some gorgeous weather. Nope, these are signs of full fledged global warming, my friends. There is no denying that globe is overheating. I desperately hope that policy makers and government are taking note of the situation. I don't want to come across as being too dramatic but.... It's not time to party, it's time to panic!

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  1. Step back and relax this is a cyclical trend and will come around as it always has. Global warming is not something to panic about, we need to worry about people dying at the hand of corrupt governments and the state of humanity.

  2. Ronita: I agree with you. I was trying to be a bit humorous while pointing out how abnormal and potentially scary this weather is. I understand that there is little that can be "immediately" done about global warming, and thus there is really no reason to suddenly panic.

  3. My dear Child YOU are absolutely right This is not our normal march weather .MY MY it makes an old lady wonder what our summer will be like.Grammie is really concerned about the young people and their weather in a few years. Take care Amy..


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