Let's Play Doctor.

Wonder what is hiding in this fake ear?

Looking into the fake eye to see what is going on with the retina.

An example of what could be in the fake eye: an image of a retina damaged by hypertensive retinopathy.

Today I spent the afternoon in CCNM's dry lab. In this lab, there are all kinds of equipment and simulators that budding doctors can use to practice their diagnostic skills. For instance, you can use your equipment to peer into the ear and eye and detect pathologies. Above are some snap shots from my playtime (err, I mean practice time).

In other news, I learn about yet another new way of treating diabetes: with spit!

Lizard spit (saliva) is being used to treat diabetes (type 2 only). Spit from the Gila monster lizard has been used to make a new type of drug, which will belong to the drug class incretins (incretins amplify the effect of insulin). They will be available for use this coming June. This drug must be injected twice a day and can cause nausea.

I wish I knew what inspired the researchers to give lizard spit a try... so odd. But apparently Gila monsters have hormones similar to human glucagon-like peptides (incretins) which is why their spit (containing their hormones) does work as drugs for humans.


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