Apple + Chocolate

...and by referring to the combo of Apple + Chocolate, I don't actually mean a chocolate-covered apple!

What I do mean, is to share a piece of advice given to me by by grade 12 Law class teacher (rather my Droit teacher, because the class was taught en francais). He gave the class a piece of exam writing advice that I have never forgotten and still use his technique to this day.  Since I am using his technique these days as I complete my year-two final exams, I thought I would share it.  

Even if you're not a student, this technique can be applied to any activity that requires sustained energy and lasts about two hours long. Examples: hikes/long walks, shopping trips, cleaning the house from top to bottom, the last two hours of the work day, car trips, etc.

Here's the tip: 

Right before the event, eat an apple. The apple provides the body with energy by sustaining blood glucose levels over an hour or so period of time.  The fiber and water in this fruit buffer the release of the fruit sugars, allowing the body to have a gradual release of energy. This is important during long events such as writing exams or any of the activities above because we don't want to 'crash' or become very tired in the middle of them.  Then, during the last 15-30 minutes of the event (the 'crunch time' of the exam, or the last must-they-drag-on hours of the workday, or those last couple of highway exits before the destination is reached) eat a piece of chocolate.  Not a whole bar, just a square. Just enough to provide you with a burst of simple sugars and caffeine to give you the last bit of energy you need for that one last push!

So before I buckle down before that exam (that walk, those errands, that report that needs writing...), I eat my apple.  I also tuck a piece of chocolate into my purse/bag/hoodie pocket for later on, when I need my second wind.  Most chocolate bars come foil wrapped, so I just take a bit of this extra foil to wrap-up my chocolate piece.  Point of caution: don't put the chocolate into a pant pocket or in any clothing pocket that is really close to the body, for the heat of the body will melt the chocolate! Trust me on this one; I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way. 

And there you have it.  Who knew that apples and chocolate make the perfect energy combination? Mr. D did. Many thanks---after all those years of using his tip---to Mr. D!

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