Best Part(s) of My Day.

Best part of my day: Got to ask patients questions! I love the conversation/interview aspect of  appointments. Much better than the physical exam aspect.

...no, wait! Best part of my day was: Wearing a white coat & toting around medical equipment, like a boss.
...no, wait! Best part of my day was: Feeling very confident in the assessments of my two patients.  

...no, wait! Best part of my day was: Today's high of 25*C.  Hello warm weather!

...no, wait! Best part of my day was: Realizing that I only have three major exams left on the road to becoming an ND (OSCE 3, NPLEX 1, and NPLEX 2 remain... OSCE 1 & 2 are done and done!)

Worst part of my day: The subway breaking down on the way to my biggest and most important exam of this semester, resulting in me having to run to my exam in order to make it on time (and feeling like I was 'dying' from the additional stress that the subway stall added to my already stressed state). Not fun, but in hindsight it's a funny story to tell!

Overall, 'twas a good day.  A good day indeed given the circumstances. Hope your Mondays had best parts too!

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  1. Dear one . Monday was a day of days ..What..Today you will be into the Xams again.Good luck my little one. Bye Bye..


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