Coffee & Cholesterol

If you are concerned about your blood cholesterol levels, you should know this little factoid about coffee I learned last month in my Clinical Nutrition class. Image source here.

Cafestol, which is found in coffee, increases cholesterol by interacting with gut receptors that are responsible for regulating cholesterol levels. Coffee (because of its cafestol content) raises cholesterol more than any other food.

But if you love coffee and are worried about your cholesterol levels, never fear! There is an easy way to remove cafestol from coffee ...by using paper coffee filters! As long as you filter your coffee grounds through a paper filter, then the cafestol will be removed. However, this also means that instant coffee and espressos are the highest in cafestol, which could be bad news if you love these forms of coffee the best.


  1. phew.....your parents were scared for a second, then we thought, she would have told us sooner if we were brewing badness.

    Relieved at home, much love from Mom and Dad.


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