Herb-Supplement Experts.

During one of my last Pharmacology classes of the year, my professor told the class that we (NDs) are EXPERTS on all things nutraceutical and botanical, ESPECIALLY when it comes to potential pharmaceutical-nutraceutical or pharmaceutical-botanical interactions.  He said that no body else has training like we do in these departments.  It's a scary, scary thought that you can buy (toxic) iron tablets  at grocery stores without any supervision and take them along with their prescribed pharmaceuticals... who is there to guide patients taking drugs on what supplements they can also take? What about foods? Herbs?

Medical doctors are extensively trained in pharmaceuticals and their potential interactions and side effects; however according to my prof, only naturopathic doctors have the training regarding the food, supplement, and herb relationships to these drugs.

...on another note, this is my last weekend of studying for year two!  Half  way done the program.  Exciting times! Speaking of Summer, though the relaxed times are fast approaching coming, the blog isn't going anywhere.  I have decided to continue to blog all Summer long (minus a week or two off for vacation).  Lots of cool posts on the horizon.  Stay tuned!

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