Men's Week.

It seems as if the last couple weeks have been all about men

1) I learned all about male health concerns in my Clinical Medicine class, including problems with the penis, scrotum, hormones, and prostate.

2) After Women's Week, came Men's Health Week. The week was organized by my dear friend A and he did one hell of a job!  No offense to those who organized women's week, but with so few guys attending CCNM, they did an incredible job.  There was a Bachelor Auction for charity, two talks on men's health (including one on andropause (the male version of menopause)), a smoothie bar (which I volunteered at), the presentation of a bunch of comedic videos (made by male CCNM students) making fun of day-to-day CCNM happenings, and a presentation of the Male Monologues (similar to the Vagina Monologues or the Body Monologues, only it featured men and their stories). It was a really fun and informative week. It was adorable to see the guys of CCNM bonding over the week (they even made matching t.shirts to celebrate). 

3) Today we performed male genital exams on real, standardized patients.  I was quite nervous (as I was when I had to perform a breast exam) but thanks to it being a really professional environment and having a great teaching assistant (an ND) leading the exam, I was pleased in my ability to put on my doctor's cap coat and efficiently complete the examination.  Now that year two is coming to an end, I must say that I certainly feel much more like a real, professional, and well-trained, medical student.


  1. Glad it went well :)

    xo Mom

  2. So PROUD of you Amy ...So much knowledge in a young mind . You have excelled SO my dear...Your two biggest Fans.


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