Two Thoughts.

Happy Saturday to my blog readers! Two random thoughts to share today:

First: Extra, extra! Read all about it! New research shows that stress makes you sick (and how it does so).

Second: I've decided that I will definitely print my cookbook this Summer.  As a reward for doing a good deed last month (long story), I now receive 25% off my local print shop.  Got to take advantage and get my book printed!  I've been compiling recipes all year long (and have taken many food pictures) that I think I have enough material to fill a whole book.  I just need to schedule some taste testing, take better pictures, and organize the recipes into chapters.  Speaking of chapters, I talked about this last year, but I also think this image can help me categorize my recipes (look at all the different meal options!). Note: I want my book to be organized to accommodate many, many different diets. This image is a screen shot of all the possible meal options you can get on airplanes.
So many different dietary options! 


  1. Well I am surprised!

    I knew you'd publish, but never thought so soon!!

    Congrats.......btw when is the political career starting???

    Love you, Mom

  2. You'll have to let me help with the picture taking!

    If you need any design help I would love to be a part of it!


  3. UM, YES! Definitely need help in photos AND design. There may be a financial incentive too ;)


Thanks for your comment!