Believe it or not, this is my 500th blog post!  Wow, I've managed to create 500 entries to document my time at CCNM.  Most have been medicine-related, others are just fun, lots of recipes have been published, some series were introduced (Interesting Tid-Bits, Make-In Take-Out, Becca's Superfoods, etc), recently there have been picture entries, and some just chat about my journey to become an ND.  I'd like to think it is a good mix of this-and-that. 

This 500th post has given me the opportunity to reflect back on why I am blogging:

- to navigate naturopathy, but of course ;)
- to capture my time (the good, the bad, the science-y, the fun!) at CCNM
- to help me better learn concepts (by taking the time to explain them to my readers, I learn them better myself)
- for my Grandfather; he's my biggest fan, reading the blog every morning
- to prepare my future practice office; many of the blog posts can be (slightly modified then) printed off to use as patient handouts or can be added to monthly newsletters to patients
- to share exciting health news!
- to explain naturopathic medicine and what we naturopaths do/learn
- to unwind/relax; writing is therapeutic
- to teach; doctor as teacher is my favorite naturopathic modality
- to stay in touch with family and friends a far; oh the power of connection via the Internet

Now why I am not blogging:

- to reach a large audience. Whoever takes the time to read up to my blog is much appreciated, but I'm not trying to draw/lure in readers.  Too much work and not the goal of the blog.
- to make money; I don't make a cent!
- to have a fancy blog.  I only started putting pictures on the blog after a full year of blogging; before that my posts looked so boring.  I think pictures and colored words are the extent of my blog fanciness.
- to explain concepts in a well-written, highly scientific way.  This would be cool, but too time consuming.  I like my laid-back method for now.  Plus, referencing (while important) can be a pain in the butt.
- to stick to one theme/concept.  Nope, this blog is too mish-mashy to go one way! I could have just shared health facts, or talk about naturopathic medicine, or write like a diary, or make a food blog... but instead I made Navigating Naturopathy. It's all in one!

In closing, thanks for reading and I hope enjoy it, whatever it has been to you over the last 500 posts!

P.S.  Today is May 4th, so please allow me to say: May the fourth be with you.  :D


  1. Congrats!
    And May the Fourth be with you indeed.

  2. Thank-you for 499 excellent blogs---but there was that one......
    Lots of great reasons for great blogs. Keep up the good work- 5 star blogger!
    Momma M


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