Back So Soon.

Mmm, grass!

After a fun-filled and busy week off, I, with much sadness, went back to school today. Boo-urns! Image source here.

I started Day One of my four-day NPLEX prep course taught at CCNM. In the next four days, I'll be given a quick overview of all the material that I will have to study this Summer.  The main topics covered during this course and on the actual NPLEX exam (which I will write in August), are ANATOMY, BIOCHEMISTRY, IMMUNOLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY, and PHYSIOLOGY. In addition, some histology, organ systems, and pathologies are thrown in.

The day started with a Biochemistry review.  Ahh, my old stoppin' grounds :P  Fun times for me!   I really love Biochemistry because it teaches the basics of all health... the underlying steps... the 'behind the scenes'... you know, all the nitty gritty details!   I love background knowledge and because of my love for science, I am not satisfied in knowing that humans can't eat grass. I need to know that humans can't eat grass because grass is made of polysaccarides with beta 1-4 linkages that are broken down by cellulase enzymes, enzymes which humans do not possess. Ahh, much better!

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  1. Now i am wondering if our MD knows why we cant eat grass. Your knowledge really makes us think...We are so proud.....


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