Artsy Fartsy.

I was artistic on the weekend and painted this 'masterpiece' that is now hanging in my kitchen.  While it may look like some piece of modern, abstract art, it actually is a painting of something and has a lot of meaning.

Can you guess what I painted?  
 Note: naturopathic students will have an edge on the guessing.

In other news:
 Happy Birthday, Grandad!


  1. Is it the tongue's diagnostic areas?

  2. Wow, I really like the statement you are making with this!
    I like how the yellow represents the finance surrounded by the corruption of government, with the blue representing the people who are prevented from ever feeling the power of their government...
    Just kidding. I have no idea what it is. But it looks good!
    Good job!

  3. Dinkum - bahaha, that's a great interpretation of the piece! No, unfortunately it does not represent the struggle between the power and the people. But maybe my next piece will?


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