You Guessed It.

Yep, I painted the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tongue! Congrats to the anonymous person who guessed right.  Each part of the tongue represents a different organ, which represents a different element, which represents a different color. Using my computer's Paint program, I added labels to my painting (see above).

Blue = Water Element = Kidney (and Urinary Bladder, but less important) Organ
Green = Wood Element = Liver and Gallbladder Organs
Yellow = Earth Element = Stomach and Spleen Organs
Red = Fire Element = Heart (and pericardium, but less important) Organ
White = Metal Element = Lung Organ

I'm liking this 'use art to learn' activity.  Now that I've painted the TCM tongue and have it hanging in my kitchen, I will never forget it (I also plan to hang it in my future practice office).

Hmm, now what else am do I need to remember that I could paint? Would the Krebs Cycle make nice art? 

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