Health Scenes 2.

The Caption: I saw this pretty picture drawn on a driveway.

The Comment: Mental health is just as important as physical health! Let's start spreading happy thoughts in our communitites. It can be a thoughtful email message, a cheery hello to a stranger, or some positive sidewalk art. The impact that you can make on someone through these simple acts of happiness can be quite profound. I bet the person who drew this pavement image had no idea that it would spread across the blogosphere... promoting more happy thoughts and happy days!


  1. Despite my age, I am NOT a Beatles fan; but I have always appreciated Paul McCartney's idea of filling the world with "silly love songs".
    I think of them as musical happy faces. And
    "what's wrong with that, I'd like to know..."
    Momma M

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  3. So true! Mental health effects our physical health.

    Fortunately living in the maritimes folks seem more relaxed and friendly and we do greet or wave to each other most times.

    When we were out driving Tony commented on how a driver waved from their car to our car, something he never sees in the big city.

    That is too bad that people aren't friendly or seem suspicious if you do make an approach to them.

    Sometimes a little gesture plays a bigger role than we can imagine - just as the sidewalk art did.

    Have a happy day NN blog readers:)



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