Health Scenes 3.

Life is burritoful.

The Caption: I finally made it to Chipotle! The picture doesn't show it clearly, but I ordered the vegetarian tacos. It consists of three made-in-house corn shells stuffed with brown rice(!!), black beans, sauteed peppers and onions, made-in-house salsa, guacamole, and mounds of lettuce (cheese and sour cream were options too). On the side, I also ordered a bag of their tortilla chips and salsas (one mild, one medium) that only cost $2. Instead of tacos, you can get burritos (white or whole wheat(!!) wraps) or burrito-bowls (all the toppings pilled high on rice in a bowl, this may be the best deal; portion-wise it was big).
 The Comment: I was very impressed with the restaurant. They have: flavorful food (even the chips tasted better than store bought ones), large portions, almost everything was made in house, healthy ingredients (brown rice? amazing!), ethical meat sourcing, and of course a strong environmental focus. Their take-out bags are funny too (pictured on the right); they advertise an apparent pig uprising/revolution. Last but not least, the Chipotle napkins feature waste-not pleas and their receipts are printed with the life is burritoful slogan.

Yep, I'd say in terms of fast food joints, Chipotle definitely rules!

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