The F Word.

...no, no. Not that word, silly.  The Father F word. 

Love the cogs in this graphic! Image source here

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers!

I don't know about other children out there, but I always have a particularly hard time finding father's day gifts/cards/mementos/celebration ideas.  I think this is probably because of the stereotypical depiction of Fathers and their 'day'.  When we think about the way Father's Day is portrayed by the media (in the form of cards, gift ideas, etc), we think of neck ties (the big one!), golfing, sports, fishing/hunting, cologne, gadgets, cars, beer, and tools. In contrast with Mother's Day, which is all flowers (the big one!), perfume, chocolate, jewelry, stuffed animals, and sentimental goods. Is it unfortunate that fathers are stereotyped as 'manly' and 'tough'? Should fathers instead be given more delicate, pretty, and warming gifts similar to the mothers?

With my own father, most of the stereotypical father's day gifts and ideas just didn't apply to him; making celebrating his day more difficult.  But what is this day all about? Showering with gifts? Reminding pop of his 'manly and tough' role? Nahh, it's about saying have a great day, you mean a lot, I appreciate you, I care about you, thanks for everything, I love you, etc. And no stereotypical gift can ever represent that.

Given today's rant, I had a hard time finding a graphic to display today on the blog that didn't represent fishing, sports, or neck ties (so, so many neck tie-themed father's day things!).  I settled with the one above.  Maybe the cogs/gears represent the insides of gadgets, machinery, or the mechanics of a car. 

...but let's say instead that they represent something deeper, like: the interworkings of a mind; a mind that is shaped by the support of a father; or let's say that the different shapes and sizes of the cogs represent the diversity of fathers in the world; or that they represent the necessity of parental love to keep a child motoring along.  

Whatever the cogs/gears represent, let's assume that it is something deeper and more meaningful than a gadget or car.

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  1. We like "the interworkings of a mind; a mind that is shaped by the support of a father".

    We truly hope that you and your sibling's minds have developped by strong underlying support.

    Great blog - so smart,

    Love to you,

    Mom & Dad


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