Hippie Fest.

My weekend felt very bohemian, very urban, and very vegan. It was like I attended my own hippie fest.

Saturday - Dined at the most popular vegan restaurant in Toronto (Fresh).  Ordered my first green juice (caution: for experienced palates only!). Ate this super soup/salad/cornbread/hummus combo (below). Hung out in Kensington Market with all the other Torontonian hippies who came out to play on a Saturday.  Shopped at a health food store, bought a floral dress for $7, rocked on...

Sunday - Attended the Raw Vegan Festival. Tried so many types of raw chocolate; marveled at how different they all tasted. Bought Dandelion Root Coffee and Cashew Curry Nut Butter (below); marveled at the hippie-ness of these two purchases. Stumbled upon the Annex Festival on Bloor. Part of Bloor Street was shut down to accommodate musicians and vendors. Wandered through the festival, mostly in a daze due to 30 degrees Celsius sunny weather. Came home and watched a documentary about raw chocolate.

Time for this flower child to sign-off. 

Love & Peace, 

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