Nosebleeds, the Naturopathic Way.

Pretty facecloths great for compressing. Image source here.

There is a common Hydrotherapy technique that can be used when managing nosebleeds. Cold compresses!  If you get a nosebleed, you can apply a cold/wet facecloth (aka a cold compress) to the back of your neck.  Simply run a facecloth under cold water, wring out extremely well, fold into a band of cloth, then place this band across the back of the neck.  Repeat the process when the cloth is no longer cold.

Why the back of the neck? Coldness felt in this region draws blood to the area (in order to heat it; warm blood fights the coldness of the cloth), thus drawing blood away from the face/nose and down towards the neck.  Coldness in the neck also decreases the overall blood flow towards the head, meaning less blood that has a chance of escaping through the nose.

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