Good Food.

Good Food Isn't Cheap, 
Cheap Food Isn't Good.

It's a celebration of Good Food today on Navigating Naturopathy! 

To my left: a pictured I took of a lunchbox that reads "Food is Medicine: your health is in this bag" (so true!). To my right: are you ready to make the switch? I found this graphic online (unfortunately can't remember where). Lastly, in the center: an awesome quote I recently found here.

On the topic of good food and similar to the quote in the center, Tony came up with this slogan: "you can either have good food, fast food, or cheap food, but not all three". 

Let's break it down: Good and fast food isn't cheap (e.g. eating at Chipotle, buying pre-made salads), fast and cheap food isn't good (e.g. typical fast food fare, Kraft Dinner), and cheap and good food isn't fast (e.g. cooking beans from scratch, baking gluten-free bread at home).

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