Happy First Day of Summer!

Boy-oh-boy, did Mother Nature want to kick-off this season with a bang!  It is yet again 35*C here in Toronto. 

A couple of anti-health jokes for you today, taken from my NPLEX study manual. Authors unknown. 

"Practice safe eating: always use condiments"

"I'm in shape; round is a shape!"

"I drive too fast to worry about my cholesterol"

Speaking of NPLEX studying, I am really enjoying my study manual.  It is divided by system (cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, etc) and I am finding this to be a much more interesting way to learn.  Too bad CCNM classes weren't taught this way (instead of taking a course on Physiology, Immunology, Microbiology, etc, we would take one course called "Respiration" and all of the  information from the physiological, immunological, microbiological, etc. subjects that was relevant to respiration would be taught). I am a 'big picture' kind of learner, so having my courses taught this way would be a dream.

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  1. 35 again..... wish I was there! Love the heat!

    Looking forward to going south ;)




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