Treat Hot with Cold.

Today was hotttt. Like 35*C kind of hot! I desperately wanted to go outside (got to get in my 30 minutes of nature!) but I was afraid I'd melt. Edited to add: I did get outside, in the evening when it was a wee bit cooler!

What's one to do in hot, hot weather? Stay cool (stay in the shade, indoors, or in air-conditioned complexes (malls, public libraries, etc)) and stay well hydrated.  Drink lots of water to replenish any fluid lost as sweat. 

On the topic of hydration, I want to talk about my favorite Summer beverage: smoothies! First of all, I really think everyone needs a blender. In fact, if you are considering cleaning up your diet, a blender is the one number one piece of equipment/appliance I would recommend. Luckily you can buy a pretty sturdy one for cheap ($10 or so at most department stores) or you can get a used one like I once did (found on Kijiji).

Blenders can do so much and are key in expanding your (healthy) recipe repertoire. Things to do with a blender: smoothies (obviously), homemade salad dressings, soups (blend cooked veggies), vegetable purees (like cauliflower mash), fruit sorbets (blend frozen fruit with some juice/milk/water), hummus, etc.

I've been making smoothies almost everyday since the Summer has started.  I usually prefer to have mine as an afternoon snack or as a part of lunch.  Stay tuned for more smoothie recipes ideas and a post on the health benefits of smoothies in some soon-to-be-published posts.

Today I want to draw attention to a new way of eating smoothies that I learned from the popular food blog, Kath Eats Real Food. Kath's smoothie idea: pour your smoothie in a bowl and eat it like you would soup or cereal!  Genius idea. I have enjoyed making really thick smoothies, pouring it into a bowl, and slurping it with a spoon (rather than a straw!).  Smoothies-in-a-bowl are even better if you top them with some dry cereal or granola. 


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