Hot Oats.

Note: this is part one of a two-part oatmeal series. 

I love hot oatmeal. It's simple, versatile (you can adorn it with any topping of your liking), fast, filling, healthy, and cheap (it literally costs pennies per serving).  Most mornings, I make myself a batch of stove-top rolled oats. Even though making oats on the stove seems elaborate, this breakfast only takes minutes to prepare.

For one person: 0.5 cup rolled oats + small pinch of sea salt + 1 cup water*
 Bring oats to a boil, reduce to low heat and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often. 
*Up to 1.5 cups water can be used, depending on the thickness you desire.  For thick oats, stick to 1 cup, for creamy oats use 1.25 cups, and for porridge-style, go with 1.5 cups (my favorite way to eat them).  

Some oatmeal health benefits: some already listed here, plus it is... full of soluble fiber (keeps 'ya regular), cholesterol lowering (the fiber in oats binds to excess cholesterol in the blood stream and removes it from the body during bowel movements), gluten-free, the ratio of protein and fiber keeps you full (making it a perfect breakfast food).

Now that you have your plain oats prepared, it is time for the toppings! Ideas: fruit, seeds, nuts, nut/seed butters, milk and mylks, yogurt, chocolate chunks/chips, cocoa/carob powder, honey, maple syrup, jam, molasses, vanilla, spices (e.g. cinnamon), etc.  

Want more inspiration?  Here are some of the interesting oatmeal combos I've recently been lovin':

I made a heart in my oats using sunflower seed butter <3
The Calcium Powerhouse: Molasses and Tahini Swirl
PB&J: not just for bread!
Mmm, Peanut Butter & Banana

Chunks of chocolate in my oats? Yes please!

Strawberries & Cream
Coconut Sugar with a splash of Coconut Milk

Stay tuned: later this week I'm going to be featuring my second favorite breakfast: not HOT oats, but COLD oats!

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