When it comes to our health, I think we can all agree that cigarette smoking is bad for it. There has been lots of research to prove that cigarettes are carcinogens (i.e. cancer causing agents).

But now other, newer research is showing is that other smokes can also harm our health. Examples include:

Smoked meats 
Smoked salmon
Smoked paprika
BBQs (inhaling the fumes) 

Sad, but most likely true, that our beloved birthday candles, campfires, and smokey meats, are all harmful.  Believe me: I am quite depressed by the above list as well. I absolutely love smoked paprika (a key ingredient in my fakin' bacon recipe) and since I only started eating fish last year, I've only had smoked salmon a handful of times in my life---and let me tell you---I definitely miss this savory treat.

But, with everything in life, moderation is what is key.  We only have one birthday a year, so have fun blowing out the darn carcinogenic candles!  Hanging around one or two campfires this Summer should be a-O.K. too. 

However, I would really like to encourage regular BBQ-ers to be careful and to avoid breathing in the fumes.  And as for my meat-loving readers, please be a little more wary of the smoked varieties.

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