Coocoo for Coconut.

  Coconut the ultimate superfood 

My-oh-my have we humans managed to exploit every last drop of goodness from this fruit (it isn't actually a nut). This one fruit has spawned at least ten different health products; products I use regularly and love.  Don't shy away from coconut products because of their 'high fat' content: the fat they contain is ridiculously healthy and actually can help with weight-loss. I'm here today with a summary of all the coconut goodies now available and how you can incorporate them into your life and diet.

Coconut Milk (Canned) - Creamy, smooth, and thick. Used in curries, both Indian and Thai. Cook rice in coconut milk for an extra creamy rice that is perfect to pair with a spicy curry or stew. Shake can before opening. Very mild coconut flavor.

Coconut Milk (Tetrapak) - This is sold as a replacement for moo-cow milk.  Sold with the soy and almond milk tetrapaks at major grocery stores.  Use in cereal or simply drink a glass on its own.  Sort of a rip-off, because this product is basically just watered down canned coconut milk.  Make your own for much cheaper by just buying the canned stuff and mixing it with water yourself.  Contains virtually no protein, so do not consider this as a true dairy replacement (if you do use it, make sure to get enough protein in your diet through other means).

Coconut Cream - Coconut milk that has the water removed. Very, very thick.  Often used in dairy-free baking, in place of heavy cream.

Coconut Flakes - Coconut flakes are a type of shredded coconut (you can buy finely shredded coconut (dessicated) or thick pieces which are in fact, flakes).  Furthermore, you can buy sweetened and unsweetened varieties.

Coconut Meat - If you buy a whole coconut and whack it open, the inner white part is the coconut 'meat'. Feel free to just snack away on this flesh!  The meat is chewy and slightly juicy. When dried, it makes coconut flakes (see above).

Coconut Water - Coconut water is available in Tetrapaks at grocery stores. It is an electrolyte-rich drink, great for re-hydrating after exercise or a sweaty day.

Coconut Oil - Great for cooking because it is heat-resistant. An amazing replacement for butter in baking. Also great in homemade body products as it melts upon contact with human skin (solid at room temperature, smooth on skin!). No coconut flavor.

Coconut Butter - Part nut-butter, part oil.  This is a super creamy, super coconutty spread.  You can use it in the same ways that you would use coconut oil, but this product has way more coconut flavor.  Naturally sweet because it contains coconut meat that has been creamy. A wonderful product if you love coconut flavor.

Coconut Flour - A gluten-free and grain-free flour.  Very soft; creates delicate baked goods. Be careful with moisture, because this flour absorbs liquid. 

Coconut Sugar - No coconut flavor. An alternative to refined sugar. Made from crystallized coconut sap. Contains more nutrients than white sugar; less processed. No coconut flavor.

 When I was young, my Mom used to make me oatmeal, but in order to find it palatable, I used to add lots of brown sugar and dairy cream (18% milk fat).  It was such a treat because the sugar melted and got all caramel-like.  Well, I had a craving for that same concoction, but seeing as I've cleaned up my diet quite a bit since then, I turned to the fabulous coconut to recreate this childhood dish.  Organic oats, coconut milk, and coconut sugar. Coconut to the rescue!
Tasted just like the good ol' days :)


  1. Does the sugar taste sweet like brown sugar and it appears brown too?

    Interesting to try....as there is nothing like oatmeal and brown sugar on cold mornings ;)


  2. Yes! Coconut sugar looks and tastes like brown sugar.


Thanks for your comment!