Alcohol + ADH

Why do we need to pee all the time when drinking alcohol? 
We have a hormone in our bodies called the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH).  This hormone prevents excess fluid loss through urination. It tells the body to conserve water when water stores are low by adding water pores in certain parts of the kidneys that can soak-up more water.  Alcohol, however, inhibits ADH. Alcohol is thus a diuretic, meaning it increases our need to urinate. As a result, we pee out more water than usual as we don't conserve water when ADH is inhibited and not functioning. 

So, if you find yourself peeing more than usual while drinking, it's not just the liquid from the booze that is passing on through, but more water than usual is sneaking it's way out of the body now that ADH is gone! This also contributes to the groggy, headache-ridden, and ever-so-thirsty, state that we wake-up to after a night of drinking. We are severely dehydrated and need to replenish our stores.
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