Dear Classmates.

Notice anything new around here?  Well, with my NPLEx exam less than a week away, I decided that my blog needed some updating.  Priorities, priorities.  ;)

A letter to my classmates...

Dear Classmates,

We will be writing our NPLEx exam early next week and I thought you might like to hear some words of encouragement. Here goes nothin': If you fail, you are not dumb, not a slacker, not going to be a bad doctor, and not going to flunk out of naturopathic medicine.  There I said it.

I haven't even written NPLEx and I already have strong opinions about it. First of all, it is impossible to know it all; thus our brains pick and choose what it wants to remember. Hopefully it remembers all the "right stuff" for the exam questions selected, but who knows, you could be stuck with crummy questions that just don't trigger recall from your long-term memory.  Second, and speaking of exam questions, can I mention that we've been studying for (on average) over a month only to be tested on 200 measly questions?!?! Yep, that's it. All that studying (well over a month now) for only 200 silly questions... *sigh*. Third, some students have to fail. Yes, much to our dismay, the NPLEx board people must fail some students. They 'need' a percentage of failures each year.  So even if we are all keeners and get between 80-90% of the questions correct, those who only got 80% or 81% of the questions will automatically fail the exam. Not fair.

My point is: there are a lot of variables beyond your control, so if the cards aren't in your favor, then it's not all your fault.  You will be O.K. and you will still have the potential to be a fabulous naturopathic doctor one day!  NPLEx will not break us down!

Happy studying and all the best next week!

Love your classmate,


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  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm definitely looking to having this one behind me!


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