Hot Tea for a Cool Bod?

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail ran an article on drinking hot tea in the Summer in order to cool down. While the theory sounds good to me, the research behind the article falls a little short. Thanks to my Nutrition professor last year, I've learned to be extra scrutinous of published research.  The main problem with this article: it only tested the effect of hot drinks on body temperature on NINE people. Personally, I do not think that this is a big enough of a study to make such a bold claim. It's crazy what the media decides to latch onto and turn into a 'big headline' ...even though it's really not that big of a deal amongst the scientific community.

Nevertheless, how about anecdotal evidence: anyone else out there swear that hot drinks help you beat the heat?  I'm more of a cold drink during hot weather type of gal.

In other net news, did you see that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary released some new words? The only medical/health related word added to the dictionary this year is 'gassed'. When you are tired, exhausted, lacking on sleep, and/or low on energy, you are officially gassed. Good to know!

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