Life After NPLEX.

Sooooo my NPLEX exam was a week ago.  Now, what does a post-NPLEX-er do with all the free-time on her hands?

- Read. Sometimes literature, sometimes junk, sometimes educational. It's all about balance.
- Clean. I felt like it was Spring again, because I got my clean-on!  Summer cleaning is the new Spring cleaning.
- Organize school notes. My bookshelf and office area was in serious need of some TLC. Now all my NPLEX materials are stored away and my second-year notes have a home now too.
- Experiment with supplements a la Dr. Phil.  More on that in a future post...
- Enjoy more of the great outdoors. This past week I found myself at the beach!
- Complain about the NPLEX exam with classmates. This has been done about a million times since last Tuesday. 
- Hang out with said classmates.  Once we're done complaining, we tend to have a lot of fun ;)
- Stuff myself with amazing goodies.  Toronto is so lucky to have Bunner's Bake Shop.
- Work diligently on my cookbook (it WILL be published this Summer!).
- Preceptor with naturopathic doctors and dream about the future!

Phew, 'tis been a busy week.  Got to make the most of August before the craziness of year three begins!

Wishing you all productive yet fulfilling days this August! ...and thanks for making me a part of your day :)

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