Natural Beauty.

Today I'm talk about natural beauty, as a tribute to the true beauty in my life, my Mother!  Happy Birthday, Mom <3

I've been making all kinds of homemade and natural beauty products.  Yes, I'm one of those crazy ladies who walks around with food purposely on her face. :P  Read on for three natural beauty products that I've recently concocted in my kitchen...

Homemade Moisturizer

No, that's not honey, that's body butter!

Combine equal parts shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil in a saucepan.  Heat on low to melt all the oils/butters. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil to the mix if you want the moisturizer to have a scent (I used citronella most recently. Yep, I smell like camping!). Pour into a glass jar and let cool completely.  The shea butter will begin to re-solidify, as will the coconut oil, but the olive oil will remain liquid... these properties combined results in a luscious cream that easily spreads onto the body.

Homemade Face Mask

Leftover facemask.

I've already talked about this recipe on the blog, but here is the recipe again: mash together an avocado, plain yogurt, ground oats, cucumber, and lemon or lime juice. Spread onto the face and let sit for 15 minutes.  Remove the mask with a cloth (it will be chunky, best to not do over a drain as you might clog it), then wash face as normal.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Not my picture. Image source here.

Add three parts sugar to one part oil (I used organic cane sugar and coconut oil) in a saucepan. Heat on low until combined. Add essential oils or vanilla to the mix if you want scent. Pour into a jar. Store the scrub in the shower, use it to exfoliate the skin in the shower (just "scrub" it on) then rinse off.  The sugar removes the dead skin, while the oil moisturizers. As a result, you are left feeling silky-smooth.  For ultimate softness, follow-up a sugar scrub with the homemade moisturizer recipe written above.

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  1. Thank you Becca, my sweetie!

    To the bloggers - I have tried Becca's sugar scrub and it is great - exfoliates well and leaves those parts soft and silky!



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