Jet Lag Prevention?

Last year, I had one of my professors swear that in order to prevent jet lag, that you need to lie on the ground for 15-30 minutes once you've reached your destination.  He says you literally have to ground yourself.  By lying on the ground, you're aligning yourself (more specifically, your circadian rhythm) with the new rhythm of this new place. The weird thing is, he wasn't the only person to tell me this! I've had others swear by the technique.  It's only anecdotal evidence, which is less convincing; nonetheless, I am curious to try it next time I travel outside of my time zone.

Another natural jet lag prevention tool I've heard of is to take melatonin. Talk to your doctor if you suffer from jet lag often and want to give melatonin supplements a go. 
Question for the day: Anybody else heard of 'grounding yourself'? 
P.S. If you think that this jet lag theory is completely crazy, I can promise you that not all of my professors are this crazy :P 

P.P.S.  Yesterday, I talked about congee and how it's good to eat during Earth time and changes of season (according to TCM theories).  Well, late last night, I stumbled across this restaurant in Toronto: Congee Time! A restaurant devoted to congee (and other Asian cuisine delicacies). They serve ~20 different types of congee.  I definitely want to try the Taro and Sweet Corn congee that I spotted on their menu. Also speaking of congee, I have made this flavor before, sans chicken.  Which I highly recommend especially if you like sesame oil. Mmm.

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  1. Jet lag happens - now I am curious too.

    Once we all arrive on our "future vacation" maybe we can give it a go......people will just think we are "crazy Canadians" - lol.

    xxx Momma ;)


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