Shower Time!

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Last month, I purchased a cute little shower timer at an environmentally-focused boutique.  It was a mere $3.  A shower timer is a must-have for environmentally-conscious folks like myself.  You see, I love to shower, and often too, but I know that showers can be ridiculously wasteful.  If you're going to shower often (i.e. more than twice a week), you ought to make them short. According the company that makes my shower time (not the same company as the one that makes the one pictured to the right), the ideal shower is only 4 minutes in length. 

I had heard before that a 4 minute shower was ideal but I'm sometimes lazy and never took the time (pun intended) to time my showers with a watch, clock, or cell phone timer. This little timer, however, is convenient because it sticks right to my shower's wall.  It contains enough sand for the container to go from full to empty in exactly four minutes, informing me whether I'm having a short enough shower. 

According to my shower timer, I'm wrapping up my showers at the 5 minute mark. The sand runs out just as I am wrapping up.  Yet, there is room for improvement. I'd love to have showers that are exactly four minutes in length (or less!). But with this timer in my shower as a reminder, I'm sure I'll be increasing my cleaning speed and efficiency---decreasing both my shower time and water consumption---in no time at all.

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