CCNM Back 2 School Barbeque 2012! 

A week ago, the student organization at CCNM hosted a barbeque to welcome the students back. There was a lovely plate of kale salad, mixed green salad, condiments galore, gluten-free hamburger buns, local and free range beef burgers* or chicken breasts, local veggie burgers, iced green tea with mint leaves, and watermelon. 'Twas a feast. 

Blog news: unfortunately my blog posting this year is going to be a bit short. I have a ton of fun information to share with you all, but I short on time.  You'll likely see short posts like this, and then on weekends get something really juicy*, dripping* with science, medicine, and facts!  Reeeaaaaaalllllyyyy wish I could write beefier* posts for you each and everyday---and I will really try to---but third year has been super busy thus far.

*What's with the meat analogies/talk today? Lol.


  1. Meat? Really? You must be really straying away from vegetarianism.
    When I read juicy and dripping, I pictured biting into a plump orange segment --all juicy and dripping down my chin!
    Momma M

  2. Ha ha, yes an orange would have been a better thing to image! Must be low in iron and thus have iron-rich meat on the brain (our bodies often do that, think about the nutrients we need!).


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