The Mini Accountant.

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This semester, I am taking Practice Management ...aka business class. It's is an interesting and exciting class; especially when I get to day dream about my future practice as an ND!  However, this class is also challenging because it tests my brain in new ways. Marketing, accounting, incorporation, contracts...? These are all very new concepts for me.

This past week, we had a mini accounting lesson.  We learned about debits and credits for accounting purposes. It's soooo hard to forget about debit cards and credit cards (the two ways in which I had already heard these terms), because in the accounting world, a debit and a credit are very different from Interact and Visa!

In class we had an exercise on Income Statements and Balance Sheets too.  Looks like I am becoming a jack of all trades... doctor, baker, accountant...

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  1. Reading this is bittersweet for me... it's sad to think that you won't be nearby anymore! JBW


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