Cherry Coughs.

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Roseascae is the rose family of plants. Within this family, is the genus PrunusPrunus is group of plants containing almonds and most stone fruits (cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, and plums).  Who knew that almonds were related to fruits? Maybe that's why cherry and almond pair so well together... they're cousins!

Among this group is Prunus virginiana, also known as choke cherry. Medicinally, choke cherry is used to treat coughs. In fact, choke cherry tree bark was used in original cough syrup formulas and gave them a cherry flavor; hence why today's commercial cough syrups are still often (artificially) flavored with cherry even though they no longer contain any natural choke cherry bark.


  1. So interesting about the choke cherry .Gram used to gather the berries for jelly..

  2. Mmm, choke cherry jelly! Sounds yummy and likely good to eat if you have a cough :)


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