Exciting Things at CCNM.

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Exciting things are happening at CCNM these days!  Here's a quick summary of some of the latest CCNM news:

- CCNM is going to open the first teaching clinic in a hospital in North America! The clinic will open in Winter of 2013 and will feature general naturopathic medicine shifts. That means I might be able to intern there during my fourth year of studies!

- In addition to the Sports Medicine, Cancer, and Pediatrics specialty shifts offered in the school's teaching clinic, two new shifts have been added: a fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue shift and LGBT/immigrant community-focused shift.

- Concerns with the preceptorship program (I've complained about this program before on the blog) are finally being addressed. In the word's of CCNM's dean "Students feel that a large number of NDs either rejected or ignored their request to precept with them" Yep, this has happened to me many times. As a result, the school is reducing the number of hours required (we did need 100 hours, which is simply too much).

- CCNM surveyed students who wrote NPLEX on August 7, 2012. The survey results found (according to the school's dean): "...that while certain areas of the NPLEX exams had improved, the exams were still testing minutia, that NPLEX I was not considered a fair assessment of biomedical knowledge and, most importantly, that there was a disconnect between what was being taught at CCNM and what was being tested". Agreed (I complained about these things already on the blog)!  Thankfully, NABNE---NPLEX's governing body---is looking into CCNM's concerns. Let's hope that the exam will be better for the second-year students who will have to write it this upcoming Summer.


  1. lots of good news :)


  2. WHERE in north America //////.G and G.are wondering..

  3. This makes me super excited! Do you know which areas you feel most interested to specialize in? I feel like there are SOOO many people in the maritimes who could benefit from the fibromialgia/chronic fatigue specialty!

  4. @mcc1134

    I'm thinking right now of just seeing 'general' patients on the non-specific clinic shifts, but I am interested in the cancer and chronic fatigue shifts too. We'll see!

    Honestly, I wish I could do them all... but at most we're allowed one. Boo!


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