Summer Scenes 4.

Summer Tunes. Ooohhh yeahhh.

Have you ever tried 8 Tracks? It is a website that lets you choose music playlists according to two of your moods. One evening I selected "Summer" and "Happy" as my music preferences/themes/moods (see below for images of the 8 Tracks main page to see what I mean by selecting preferences/themes/moods) and the playlist featured above was recommended. Ring Pops and Frappuccinos...say what?! At first I was skeptical, but now I suppose that they do scream Summer, for some people at least, maybe not myself because I don't think I've ever had either of the mentioned products (nope, no ring pops in my childhood, and as for frappuccinos, I don't drink coffee).

Anyway, the music in this particular playlist was fun; I really enjoyed it, so much that I took a picture of my computer scream just so I wouldn't forget this uber creative playlist title and the fun times that I had that night while listening to it with friends :).

The moral of this post? Go try 8 Tracks ...it's fun!

Page 1, 8 Tracks.
Page 2, 8 Tracks.

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