Thyme for Fat.

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Do you cook or bake with thyme? It is a fabulous herb, known for its "Thanksgiving" fragrance and flavor. You can buy it dried or fresh in most grocery stores (or at the farm market).

If you cook with thyme often, you may notice that fatty dishes seem to call for thyme (turkey, duck, pork, meatloaf, gravy, thyme-infused butter biscuits, etc). This may be because thyme has medicinal compounds within it that help the body to better digest fat.

With Canada's Thanksgiving just around the corner, don't forget to stock up on some thyme; you'll need it to season and to digest all those buttery mashed potatoes, rich gravy, and greasy (dark) turkey meat. For vegetarians, thyme can help you to digest some coconut oil biscuits and those fatty walnuts in your walnut lentil loaf :)

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